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Well, the Felix Costume premiered at LexCon last weekend.  A friend of mine came out as Vanellope and another friend of mine tracked down the Ralph that was running around so I could get my picture with him.  Over all a success! 

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Cosplay Update…

Long time no update LOL.

Announcing that I just ordered two work shirts one in a Mens size and one in a Woman’s size.  Once they get here I’ll try them on and the one that fits the most comfortable I’ll keep and send the other back.  In the meantime I’m working on locating the silver buttons needed for the costume itself.

I’m also working on getting a mat and xacto for the belt as well.  I’m going to wait until the very last minute to alter the belt so I know I have the correct size.  This is the last couple of steps before it’s finished.  I’m really happy at how it’s turning out!

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Here’s the belt!

Just a little cosmetic work needed and it’ll be done!

yes I know in one photo it’s backwards… and the other photo the pocket is backwards… I’ll fix it it all in the end.

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belt update…

I am laughing so hard right now at this… okay… so… the hammer loop came it.  It’s perfect and as perfect as the hammer loop is going to get…. however… the belt is an inch too small now.. LOL!!!  I knew this was going to happen… so the next mission is to find the right tools to modify it… leather work ppl out there that know how to do stuff… just kindly point me in a direction to add new holes into a belt without gouging them with an exacto and if you’ve got any tips on cutting leather, what kind of tool I’ll need.  I dont think scissors are going to do the trick on this belt without shredding the leather to make it look ugly… I just need something that’s gonna do the trick on trimming it down!

Please and Thank you!

And as soon as I get this apartment around (I’ve been sick all week in the living room… moved my entire system in the living room so I could baby myself with James Roday Psych all week.) I’ll try to post pics of the belt


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Belt Update…

Found the belt, and the pocket.  Ordering the Hammer loop as I speak.

Turns out that XL one was perfect.  The large one came in, it’s a little on the small side and theres a branded logo on the belt loop so yeah… not too happy with it.  The other belt had no markings and the only branding on it was at the very end of the belt which is going to be trimmed down anyway. and the color of the leather matches the pocket near perfectly :D, and it’s also got this really cute brick pattern on it… for obvious reasons I needed to keep it.  Sure the buckle is gold (the right color is silver)… but there are moments in the movie where I really couldn’t tell what color the buckle was, so no big loss.  At least the buckle will go nicely with the hammer.

So happy!!!

The extra large pocket and the Large belt will be returned in a few weeks to HD when I go up to Lex.

So Far So good!


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