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Ask me anything   Hey Guys! Jenny M. Stead here! This is just a place on the web for my random art.
Mostly concepts, doodles, and wind down drawings. Stay tuned for new things and random things,
and make sure to check out my comic site at Ninja'd.
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up online… few things though…

  • Past few nights I’ve been having issues with it kicking me out of blogtv.  UNLESS I say good night the stream is still going.  Please be patient and allow me a few minutes to reset everything.
  • If I have to restart my computer after I reset everything, or reset in general I will post on the chat area about it.
  • Guest chat is open
  • Please be nice
  • Will be answering verbally, so make sure you’re speakers and headphones are on if you type in any questions….
  • Also it’s laundry night… so there might be a chance that you’ll hear my dryer go off.  Try not to jump 30 feet in the air when it does.

— 1 year ago
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Cause I’m splitting my homework tonight in half and doing the bulk of it tomorrow… brain cant take much more tonight…

On the bright side I am doing another live stream.  I will be answering to anything you say verbally instead of typing due to me trying to draw LOL.

Please be nice.  Now I have had issues with blog tv in the past so if something goes nuts, I’ll alert what’s up in the chat box and tell everyone to sit tight until I get everything fixed.  I do apologize if anything happens during the stream.

I’ve got a plan for a WIR drawing that’s bobbing around in my head, so we’ll see if I can get it done for my wind down tonight.

— 1 year ago
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