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NINJA’D 100!!!!

Took me 4 years but my comic has finally reached it’s 100th page!

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Ninja’d is BACK!!!

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tool belt crisis…

update on the costume… the belt that came had a LOT of problems… first of all, all the pieces had the gigantic logo of the company printed on it unlike how it was in the photos… NO!!!

Second of all… the belt didn’t fit.  It was clearly shotty craftsmanship… and for a 50 dollar belt this thing better be good!

So what I’m working on now is getting the garbage back to the original seller… which I believe is going to be like pulling teeth because their policy states that it must be in resell condition… meaning that they just put it back on the shelf after getting it.  I had to rip it from it’s package just to try it on… hoping I can use that leverage to send it all back… so yeah…

On the side… I’m going out to Dogpatch tomorrow… a leather goods store on the second exit off the interstate, to see if I can find a decent belt to work with, Lowes has a hammer loop I can use, and I’ll just have to browse the web for the right belt pocket for a suitable substitute.

I just dont want to buy a run of the mill tool belt for this… it’s wrong in design, and something I’m just not going to get… This costume has to be near perfect…. but bright side thoughout all of this… those shoes ended up being for free after the whole fiasco with the order and everything.  

I’ll figure out the belt thing, IT WILL GET DONE!

Oh… and I can button my 12s… so the waste is disappearing and I’m going to look super cute come March.