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random pics I took this week on vacation. :D  Glad to be back home though ;).

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Went to Charleston this Weekend and took a small trip over to Edisto and stopped in at the Botany Plantation and Wildlife reserve.  I stood on this beach for over an hour and the quietness and just utter separation from the real world was what I needed.  I could actually think here.  For anyone who hasn’t been here, you need to go.  There’s honestly nothing else like it.

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ohhh… South Carolinans!

Was gonna do my road trip out to Wilmington… but the prices in that area are not in the budget, plus found out Charleston is like a 2 hour-less drive from my place, so I found a rather cheap hotel with everything I want, but was wanting some advice.

I’m from KY and dont know jack crap about hurricane season.  Part of me wants to go on this trip in May, the other part wants to wait till August.  Sure this would be easier to predict if I was going somewhere this year that was inland, but I have no clue how to predict the weather off the coast.  So was wondering if you had any ideas about places to go in that area or hurricane advice.  I’d hate to book this thing and then get stormed out… :p

much love!!!

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