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Ask me anything   Hey Guys! Jenny M. Stead here! This is just a place on the web for my random art.
Mostly concepts, doodles, and wind down drawings. Stay tuned for new things and random things,
and make sure to check out my comic site at Ninja'd.
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Live Art Streaming!

You do have to have an account to chat this is only a precaution because of flamers.  Sorry.  But enjoy the show anyway :D

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We’ll see how this goes tonight.

Please behave and be nice to others.  I will be talking on it.  there will be music.  And the account does allow guests to talk on it so yeah feel free to comment or ask questions.  I am working now from 2 screens so it’ll be much easier to go back and fourth on questions without having to minimize the program as much :3

c’u there!

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